Celebrating the 70th Anniversary

of Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children

Honoring the Dedication of Teachers & Staff

Throughout the Years


2017 Sponsors

Presenting Sponsors

Circle Bar Foundation

Sunshine Sponsors

Jefferson Bank
Dr. and Mrs. D. Carl Dufner
Marietta McCain
Mr. and Mrs. John V. McLaughlin
Texas Capital Bank

Sunbeam Sponsors

Beldon Roofing Company
Elizabeth Wood Bright
Brad Camp
Cavender Family Auto
Children’s Hospital of San Antonio
Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Collin
Frost Bank
Herb Hill, Jr.
Joann and Bill Hinchey
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Guy M. Huskerson, Jr.
Dr. Susan Marenda King
Jan Meadows
Harriet Oppenheimer
Trinity Minerals Management, Ltd.
Jeanie and Bob Wehmeyer
Barbara Wood
Wortham Insurance & Risk Management

Celebration Sponsors

Business Insurance Management
Charlie E. Cheever
Fidelity Charitable
Virginia Cox
Ms. Helen K. Groves
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Murray
Howard Newton
Camilla Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Reeves Smith
Texas Risk Solutions
Elsie G. Steg
Peggy W. Walker
Mrs. Jess Y. Womack II
Heather H. Wright, DVM

Special Thank you to

BP Lighting and Sound & Video
RK Group

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Sunshine Cottage, a listening and spoken language school, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, OPTION Schools, Inc., and is a Texas Education Agency approved non-public school. Sunshine Cottage is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organization. We accept students regardless of sex, race, affiliation, disability, or national origin.